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Mateo bengoechea garrido observen de lo que es capaz el ojo humano

patrick lagrange Amazing,thanks for the posting

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has landed. Metal and all. It's about time! Video Gear I use: [...]

Darude - Sandstorm I have note 3 and I'm not gonna buy this phone. 

Mohamad rahmath ali looks like samsung has finally nailed it down with the premium build, with everything so perfect a hardware camera button is sorely missed. :(

The GALAXY Note 4 features a premium metal frame with fluid curvature that seamlessly blends with th [...]

htain lin Bye bye GS4, Welcome Note4 :)

mrKpooper4 I'm torn whether to get the Note 4 or Note 3 or the S5. My only concern with the Note 4 is it's so darn huge! Will the additional features of a Note 4 (if any) be different or highly advanced from that of a Note 3 or S5?

Samsung Galaxy Edge: A curved display on one side! Video Gear I use: [...]

Theadore Pollard I can see using it as a stock ticker.

CalcProgrammer1 I like symmetric designs personally. If they curved it over both edges I think it would look a lot better. I'm also not too sure how well this would play with AOSP ROMs, as I really don't care for manufacturer skins and like the openness and developer-friendliness that comes along with community-based open ROMs like CyanogenMod. If it curved over both edges it could easily work just fine as a wider screen with content curving over, but with the single edge it seems like it wouldn't work so well. It would be awesome if the full width of the curved display worked in browsing, because especially in landscape mode having that taller (wider) screen improves the browsing experience a ton. That's one thing I loved about the Note 1, that it had a wider 16:10 display as opposed to 16:9. The dual-edge curve may be a way to cram a 16:10 display into the form factor people want.

Want to see how Google Glass actually feels? It's surprisingly simple. Say "take a picture" to take [...]

l'ombelico del mondo Voice recognition often fails in a quiet room, let alone in public. And even if they make it work perfectly one day, everyone will wear Glass: what happens when people next to me voice control their Google Glass? You'll still have to tap the Glass to speak, so it won't accidentally take other people's commands. That limits the advertised spontaneity. You won't be able to just take pics or record when you're already spinning somebody, or holding something: 0:30 - 0:43, and other examples shown in the video. :) Plus... Is it okay to have a transmitting / receiving data gadget so close to the brain for hours every day? What about the battery? 'Cause... you can't put the glasses on and take them off 100 times a day, as you do with your phone. The phone goes nicely into the pocket, the glasses won't. Oh, and... It's a bit annoying to talk to a gadget. :) But if that would be the last problem, I could live with it. Glass looks nice, it's just a first step. One day, who knows...

Zain Jafari Oh my god are you serious???? Wow!

Samsung is no stranger to outsized, wholly impractical TVs. This week, Samsung added yet another TV [...]
LG's new limited edition TV, which it unveiled at the IFA tech conference here, is your typical 55-i [...]
This is a special wire called Nitinol memory wire. It's an alloy that "remembers" it's original shap [...]

sam Rodriguez Dude where can i get some of this stuff

Le Kazniumano mind blow :/

The Dot view flip case for the New One M8! HTC One M8 Impressions: Dot V [...]

julio reis Criativo...

OLAOLUWA DARAMOLA Got it for £19 on Amazon

iPhone 6 dummy body - Our best look at Apple's next flagship! UrAvgConsumer video: [...]

Equine Josie tbh, the iphone 6 seems like its gonna look horrible. i understand that it is a dummy, round shape… nah.. i wouldnt personally buy the iphone 6, i like my iphone 5s shape better. sometimes things can get overdone, i personally think this is the first for apple. i understand they are trying to make an improvement from the iphone 5s but in my opinion, idk if it going to turn out well. one thing idk what the final product is going to be like, so im not saying this is my final opinion. 

Etan Chamare I prefer a 4 inch display, but i might not mind a 4.7 inch display. but the 5.5 I think is stupid. I couldn't even fit that in my pocket.