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The OnePlus One has changed a lot since my first video! OnePlus One Review: [...]

JAS-CHAOS got an invite from oneplus one for the 64gb model but im in australia. dont want it to go to waste. comment or msg me if you want it. only 10 hours left to claim

althaf rahman And wanna know which game you was playing... in this review video.. seem to be great game..

Which is more hygienic - paper towel or hand dryers? SUBSCRIBE! It's free: Get [...]

RhaTakodee I can't dry my hands effectively with paper towels as it takes me much longer. Blow dryer is just warmer and faster for me. I can't stand using paper towels because one never works. My skin is sensitive and It takes soooo much longer than a blow dryer. 

Salamihawk I don't know if they have these in America, but in Europe, there's a company that makes hand dryers called "Dan Dryer" from Denmark. They mostly fucking suck. I see them all the time in public bathrooms and they just produce a gentle, warm breeze that does absolutely fuck-all to dry your hands. 45 seconds becomes more like 2 minutes with these goddamn things. Also, Dyson Airblade FTW.

We gave Americans some strange Japanese beauty products… Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue video [...]

alejandro reyes They need fashion help at buzzfeed

Kriminasi Would love to own some of this stuff!

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vincent roosmalen if 2 atos bond is it then 2 electrons that link up or 1 linkt up to 2 atoms (i just went to high school)

Cocokitty98 no don't drink H2SO4 :( use cyanide instead :D Cro [...]
MOOCs and EdTech are huge conversations today but its still an emerging market which company will re [...]
Is the toilet seat really all that dirty or dangerous? Get Your Free Audiobook! [...]

harryskittyz Or the toliet handle I use my shoe

Gamer606 I open the bathroom door with a piece of paper towel and throw it away on my way out. Or I stall (pun intended) until someone else opens it

All automakers expect to lose money at first when they launch expensive new powertrain technologies. [...]
Link to the report: [...]
Free Audiobook at Thanks to those who support me on subbable! E [...]

Freakin'EnderManGuy So the minutephysics and minuteearth guy is the ginger one. Now I know.

Sebastian Börner If such tiny changes are enough to make it tip, why is it even possible for us to actively rebalance it? I didn't think I could nudge a pencil in a particular direction by .0001 of an atom.