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The Dot view flip case for the New One M8! HTC One M8 Impressions: Dot V [...]

julio reis Criativo...

OLAOLUWA DARAMOLA Got it for £19 on Amazon

iPhone 6 dummy body - Our best look at Apple's next flagship! UrAvgConsumer video: [...]

Equine Josie tbh, the iphone 6 seems like its gonna look horrible. i understand that it is a dummy, round shape… nah.. i wouldnt personally buy the iphone 6, i like my iphone 5s shape better. sometimes things can get overdone, i personally think this is the first for apple. i understand they are trying to make an improvement from the iphone 5s but in my opinion, idk if it going to turn out well. one thing idk what the final product is going to be like, so im not saying this is my final opinion. 

Etan Chamare I prefer a 4 inch display, but i might not mind a 4.7 inch display. but the 5.5 I think is stupid. I couldn't even fit that in my pocket.

LG Electronics announced two new giant OLED TVs with ultra-high definition screens Monday, sticking [...]
Navdy's Head-Up Display system allows users to navigate their smartphones using only gestures and vo [...]
Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help you [...]

RIGOBERTO BARBOZA This guys is so boring and he wants to teach us how to speak so that people want to listen.......hmmmm... Lets just do the opposite of what he does

Richie Narang Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

It's mind-blowing to think this stuff is in our food! Here's how to make a glowing "magical mud" fro [...]

andrei teo black light?????

Jennifer Brown can you save it in a cantainer

ListFinity provides us with this top 10 list featuring potential future military technologies which [...]
Link: [...]
Subscribe to MinuteEarth! - And please su [...]

TehConqueror I wonder if we carry a disease that doesn't affect us but kills other animals or plants 

Geethanjana Wanigasekara Math part is awesome... :) 

There's more over on Veritasium! "What is NOT Random?": [...]

Dodge Them All I have this feeling that Michael's next video could be about religion. I mean, judging by the comments.

Theultimateownagem8 This video: watch?v=9rIy0xY99a0&list 9rIy0xY 9rly rly. REALLY?