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iPhone 6 Sapphire display, Part II. Material testing & destruction! Sapphire Video Playlist: htt [...]

Mc Kin Um, black dude until Apple itself reveal the real thing I won't believe what you introduce on your freakin vid

David Lawman I am still putting on a scree protector...

A mysterious new crater was recently discovered in Siberia! Where did it come from? Tara is here to [...]

Cowguypig Justin bieber whent to Siberia 

weylin6 What strikes me is how smooth the sides are. Why did this not immediately cave in or collapse?

Hank responds to viewer questions, and explains what the Higgs boson particle actually IS. Follow Sc [...]

Kiko H so surely that means that if we do force the higgs particle or whatever into existence, we could force it to interact with something, giving it more mass, I don't know, could this be useful?

Ovidiu Bernaschi There's a big buzz about the Higgs boson particle today since its been discovered at +CERN so for those of u wondering what exactly this discovery is, check this out! (5min video)

Link Download : Today I'm sharing to you the link to download Free eBook [Des [...]
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marioornot wasn't fission a proposal too?

Herp Derpenstein DNews spoke of a recently developed fusion engine. Perhaps Michio is wrong this time.

Hank tells us some of the surprising things that could be causing or contributing to the obesity epi [...]

Nobody175 I dont sanitize everything because it weakens immune systems and stuff 

Chris P So... Skinny Hank isn't peanut butter, its poop?!

A paradox and some counterintuitive & surprising things that have been on my mind while meeting [...]

AwesomeSoldier44 4:04 I'm stuck on this puzzle...

Duo Cheng Is he naked in there ? 

Basata sulla solida tecnologia HP Thermal Inkjet e su HP Pigment Inks, HP PageWide offre stampe di g [...]
Il futuro della tecnologia secondo gli HP Labs. [...]
Happy 4th of July! Here's a great selection of simple and inexpensive party pleasers that you can re [...]

s0nnyburnett That starch blob will get everywhere if you give it to kids.

TheIllegalDanish Celebrating some random summer-day? America at tis best.