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Sheogorath Daedric Princess of Douchebaggery How do we know that distant galaxies aren't composed of antimatter if all the properties are exactly the same except charge?

Allen Choong Antimatter? Seriously interesting. When can I meet my anti-me?

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Bridget Orozco animal agriculture takes ton of water, ton of food and produces a ton of shit and co2. it's one of the biggest contributors of famine, water shortage, pollution and climate change. why the hell would you export that to mars? colonist should start as vegetarians and remain vegetarians. don't fuck up mars as we are fucking up earth please.

OwenGames Hell I know it isn't going to be my generation that's going to create any of that stuff. We all are way too lazy for that.

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The Golden Knight WOAH! So the secret to helping me remember stuff is protein?! Not only that, but I was right in saying whatever "problems" I might have can only be rectified by rewiring my physical brain. Either way, since memory errors seem inevitable no matter what (even in a year's time), it seems only logical that we write down all the important details. Either way, science rules! Seriously, our understanding and subsequent mastery of these elements almost ascends us to some epic planes of existence. Now, if only we can perfect warp-travel and other similarly cool theoretical sciences...But for now, a memory-eraser is still very awesome! My only question is, will there be any side-effects to a "forgetting pill"?

Alex Hong As with most things, this can either be used for good or evil. But nonetheless, intriguing. Some will argue that our memories shape who we are, no matter good or bad. But on the other hand, there are people genuinely suffering from bad memories they had that scarred them for life, and stop them from leading a normal life. But are things really that simple? If a particular bad memory was a result of my own choice, and I chose to erase it. Will I be bound to make the same mistake again? For example, what if one day I was driving home from a long day at work, and because of my fatigue, my concentration wasn't as good (which means I probably shouldn't be driving, but I still decided to do so). Because of that I knocked and killed a little kid who dashed out onto the road to pick up his ball by accident. The child's skull crushed into my windscreen, blood and brains every where. The child's crushed face staring at me. Broken limbs, and what not. From that time on I have a debilitating fear of being in a moving vehicle or near roads, which in modern times is a huge deal. Arguably, it was an honest but stupid mistake that resulted in the completely unintentional death of another person. Erasing the memory would allow me to get on with my life. *BUT* since I don't remember that incident, in the future when I'm in the same situation (tired, but still wants to drive home), I might make the same mistake and endanger another person's life. So in this case is it still considered good to be able to erase memories? :/

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Jaden Cox 1:03 thats what she said

Gabriel Morris That's pretty much shit

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lalalandd123 Since you said that each eye sees the stars differently, does that mean when you look at stars normally you see an overlap of what each eye sees?

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euducationator given time rotation, if you traveled very nearly the speed of light and then activated a warp drive would you travel back in time?

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Alex Carney You can almost shut your eyes and that almost works

白不了 簡單明瞭

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ghoustroman How does candy effect your dreams 

Jesse de gelder You can extract cafeine from coffee right? So, you could also just get a little cafeine cookie of 14 grams. That would be an overdose.